Set phasers to stun…

Prepare to engage, number 2

Engagement Box

“Let’s go on an adventure…”

So, on the 14th December 2013; commence! Pete finally popped the question after 3 Zosi? years.  I don’t wear rings, and always loved the idea of  being given Here! a tea pot instead of a ring wholesale nfl jerseys – I collect pretty cheap jerseys from China tea cups, so it would take pride of place amongst my collection.

So was when Pete was trying to find the cheap jerseys right engagement ring Post substitute – he came up with this:

Inside the box My "ring"

It’s a Companion Cube from Portal, made into a tea pot with three pink sapphires in the hearts… the boy did good.

Instead of a ring, he gave me a charm; something that’s very personal to us.  Every big event or holiday, Pete buys me a new charm on my bracelet (which has a hilarious backstory but that’s for another time, folks!)

Us at New Year's Eve

That’s us Расширение at New Year’s Eve… and Pete has a ‘tache.

So I finally get to bust out my Excel plan of my wedding… something I’ve been working on since Pete and I got together!  (Don’t worry, he knows about it)

Apr 19