My MGS Snake Box love

Part of my role at Jellymedia involves supporting one of our clients, KONAMI.  My role is pretty wide and varied, from event management to admin – but that does mean I get to make some awesome things!  Like this…

MGS Snake Box

And so began a very mutual love affair with a box…

In March, KONAMI donated a box of goodies to Kitacon’s charity auction which was raising money for breast cancer support.  They asked us to make it obvious that it was clear that this was from KONAMI… so what better way then making it the most icon box in the Metal Gear series ever?

The process was simple, just sticking some A4 printed pieces of paper onto a stuffed box.  But the result was very cool.  If (more like when) I make this again, I’ll do it differently… and it’ll look tonnes better :)

Snake's Orange Box

We’ve used the box design in other places, including at the BAFTA’s ingame showcase that same month.  These were seats whilst playing the demo, where we had to search everyone leaving to make sure we still had 6 at the end of the day!

Konami at BAFTAs Game Awards 2014

(To see more pictures taken by our talented photographer, Ace, check out Konami’s flickr collection here –

The MGS Snake box is so icon, it has also been part of cosplays across the world:

Italian cosplay - Snake MGS

…and is even a meme!

Snake Box - Cosplay meme

So yeah, I might be starting to get a little obsessed.


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