Let the wedding planning commence!

So… after the proposal comes (arguably) the best part.

Planning the wedding!

wedding planning

A big white wedding isn’t everyone’s cup OK’d of tea; and whilst Pete would like it to be mine – it’s not.  The idea of 100-odd people who hardly know each other, sitting at opposite ends of the room whilst a DJ tries to get everyone up and dancing.  Me in a white dress, that’ll never get worn again… not being able to see people, talk to people, sit down.  Sounds like my idea of a nightmare!  In addition, our families are spread across Europe – we would be asking some people to travel a long way.

So… my plan was simple, and the two people who got a say in the idea agreed.  Pete and I would get married locally with a small selection of people; namely my folks, Pete’s parents, our siblings and two witnesses.  I was thinking eight guests in total.  Then we would have a family gathering in Ipswich with the people from my work! mum’s side, cheap NBA jerseys a drinking session in Preston for cheap jerseys friends and work colleagues, then a party in Portsmouth for friends based there.

Also, I made it clear I wasn’t interested cheap MLB jerseys in a white dress.  I wanted to wear something that was tasteful and by could be re-purposed.  An investment of sorts.  Thankfully, my mum was cheap jerseys on board with everything.

So… no big wholesale MLB jerseys white wedding for me!  Just an honest and personal approach to a commitment I plan to Enemy share with Pete.


I know.  I’m such a romantic.

Apr 18