Kicking the “30” bucket

Turning 30

As I’m hurtling towards the bright, blinding exit light that is my 20’s; I feel like I should be having a meltdown as middle age looms ever closer.  So I decided to do a thing… it’s called a “kicking the 30 bucket” list which is snappier then :

13 things to do by the time I’m done with being 30 (so by the age of 30 years and 364 days old).

Cue the theme tune!

So they are:

  1. Start my motorcycle Direct Access license,
  2. a)  Eat a three course dessert in a restaurant and b)  Dessert first (then starter / main whichever takes my fancy),
  3. Christmas in a cabin surrounded by snow,
  4. Start a business,
  5. a)  Star gazing and b)  Sleep under the stars,
  6. Go on a carousel,
  7. Give up meat for 21 days in a row (I know, crazy!),
  8. a) Spend the whole day in the cinema (3 films-ish)  and b) Film marathons of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit,
  9. Legally drive a car,
  10. Watch: a) a football match, b) a rugby match, c) a British Super Bikes race, and c) a motoGP race.
  11. Do a portrait of someone,
  12. Sleep in a hammock, and
  13. Go to the Shard in London.

So, I best get started…


Oh wait!  You’re wondering why 13 things and not 30?  Well, I thought about the things I want to do, and it got pretty expensive.  Also, I’m about to turn 29 in a couple of days so that leaves me 365 days, which doesn’t leave a lot of time when I will be working 250-odd days and planning to sleep.  So I figured that 30 wasn’t really that scary, 31 was far scarier!  Surely now you can see why I picked 13 things?  ;)


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