Glitter Dates – Part 1

Authorised to engage!

I saw this wholesale jerseys on the internet (Pinterest, but that counts right?) and loved the idea, so much so… I wanted a wall of dates that wholesale nfl jerseys are important to phasers me.  So I made a start….

Glitter date canvass for the special dates

I hate wasting materials, so decided to recycle a canvass with a dark teal paint tester:

20140301_153013 First coat

This is how it looked after two coats:

2 coats

I added a couple more coats, and then set about working out what text I wanted on the canvass.


I decided to Innovations? start with the date we got engaged… 2013 I know, so romance!  The font operations is Fool For Love by Misti’s Fonts which you can download here.  It’s perfect partly due to the hearts, but also because I could make a stencil from it by wholesale jerseys cutting the characters out.

Date stencil

Using an old, cheap, thin paint brush and PVA glue, I then made the letters and numbers have some sparkle!

Sparkly date

I might go over the left side again, I was too cautious when using the glue… but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out.

After Jedeme patching up the glitter, I plan to seal it in with a layer of PVA over the glitter.  All that’s left is the to hang it!

Apr 20