Getting back in the Game

So I’ve not really blogged about my job since restarting my ol’ blog… so I best do a little intro.

I work for a digital and print media agency specialising in video game promotion and marketing; my role is to organise and manage key projects and events on behalf of the company and it’s clients.  One of our key titles is the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series produced and published by KONAMI Digital Entertainment.  I am part of a team which manages the global PES eSports system, PES League, and programme of online and offline events.


One of the key dates within my remit is the PES League UK & Ireland Finals; the UK & Ireland Finals is an opportunity for 32 of the best PES players within the region this season to be crowned the UK Champion.  The Champion is then invited to the World Finals, which is a major date in my event calendar, where they could win the title of World Champion amongst other prizes and perks.

During my radio silence on my blog, I had a short break away from video game marking for various reasons which meant I was out of the events game for a year; when I returned in January I was thrust (yes, THURST) back into PES League and all it’s glory.


Gadget Show Live Love

For the first time, the UK Finals was held in a public arena, the Gadget Show Live on Sunday, 3rd April 2016.  We also had the opportunity to make the latest title in the PES series available for the public to play.  The event was a new unknown to us, we have attended cons and expos before however these were more gaming or geek culture events – never a family orientated, technology event which was also part of a successful TV show.

So the plan was simple; Thursday to Saturday was a “free play” stand with mini tournaments running throughout the day for people to win prizes and goodies.  Sunday would then be a closed event within the hubbub of the Show, for the Finals.  I had four weeks from agreeing the partnership with Gadget Show Live to the opening day.  Four.  Weeks.

Some photos I took at Gadget Show Live are below:

Stand Build and Set Up

A selection of shots from the build and set up before Show opens:

Twitter-1 Facebook-20160424-032434

Check out the pretty artwork:



The equipment is in!


Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 free play

People queued to play PES… QUEUED.

Facebook-20160424-032521 Twitter-3

We even got some time on the Arcade Stage:

Facebook-20160424-032534 Twitter-2


PES League 2016 UK & Ireland Finals




The Finals were underway:




We had Adam streaming the whole tournament:


After a day-long tournament we had our second place finalist, Oz:


We love Oz…


Some more than most…


Our THREE time champion, Dex!

26332716752_b1ef55d70c_o 26358886721_b4f4c7d894_o 26358899041_28d4475842_o

All in all, a good event!  Even if Bridie and I do say so ourselves…


What’s Next?

Dex has secured his place in the World Finals this year which is being held at the UEFA Champions League Festival in Milan, Italy at the end of May.

Now I have to organise that bad boy!  No rest for the wicked!!!

Some photos can be foudn here:  Konami UK Flickr album

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