Hacked By GeNErAL

Hacked By GeNErAL

Apr 27 0

Getting back in the Game

So I’ve not really blogged about¬†my job since restarting my ol’ blog… so I best do a little intro.

I work for a digital and print media agency specialising in video game promotion and marketing; my role is to organise and manage key projects and events on behalf of the company and it’s clients. ¬†One of our key titles is the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series produced and published by KONAMI Digital Entertainment. ¬†I am part of a team which manages the global PES eSports system, PES League, and programme of online and offline events.



Apr 24 0

The “D” Word: Seduction by Awkwardness

So I had a bad date with the help of Dutch, so the best thing to do was Taylor Swift it.

Shake that shit off.

And yes, Taylor Swift is a guilty pleasure and one of my spirit animals.  Judge me all you want.


Mar 26 0

Put this in my face: Cream filled iced buns

I found out a couple of months ago that my dad hates carrot cake. After I comprehended the fact that we are biologically connected… I decided to make him a birthday cake that I knew my dad would love. ¬†Which isn’t cake at all:



Mar 16 0

The “D” Word: Take a deep breath…

… and it’s time to dive into the single pool to try and catch me a fish. ¬†Or as other people call it – dating.

I put myself on a dating site, then it’s a case of pulling on a metaphorical pair of waders and find a frog worth kissing. ¬†Unfortunately, having been in a relationship for a while meant that I was somewhat naive.

So here it is: my first date since the big break-up. ¬†And it was a doozy…



Mar 2 0

The “D” Word: Ready to mingle

You’re single and ready to mingle. ¬†You have the¬†flattering sexy dress / outfit, you nailed your make-up, you’re oozing confidence but there’s a hitch:

How do you meet people to date?!

Seriously?  What do you do?!  Cover yourself in bacon and stand in the middle of a club to twerk?  Set up a Wile E. Coyote trap with a decent steak and beer, stooped round the corner holding the other end of the string?  How was I going to get into the dating scene?!



Feb 22 0

Put this in my face: Bailey’s Chocolate Mud Cake

My mum and I are¬†close; so every opportunity I get, I like to do something special. ¬†One way, I do religiously, is to make her a delicious cake for her birthday. ¬†2015 was no exception! ¬†(Yeah, I haven’t blogged for a long time!) ¬†And this was the funniest cake!



Feb 10 0

Kicking the “30” bucket

Turning 30

As I’m hurtling towards the bright, blinding exit light that is my 20’s; I feel like I should be having a meltdown as middle age looms ever closer. ¬†So I decided to do a thing… it’s called a “kicking the 30 bucket” list which is snappier then :

13 things to do by the time I’m done with being 30 (so by the age of 30 years and 364 days old).

Cue the theme tune!


Jan 28 0

The “D” word: Dating

I get it a lot…¬†Why are you single? ¬†You’re attractive / funny / smart / etc, how come you’re not married? ¬†You’d be an awesome wife / mum one day.

“That’s sweet of you to say,” I reply. ¬†It’s not for a lack of trying, but I must confess finding love is not high on my list of things I must have in my life right now. ¬†Also this is pretty accurate:



Jan 20 0

The cutest MGS Snake Box ever… probably?

I made a thing in 2014… a cute thing! ¬†A chubby MGS Orange Box. How could I not share it with you?

Chubby Box

Using the design from the left hand boxes commissioned to be made for the BAFTA Game Awards show in 2014; I adapted the design to make the chubby beanie box.


Jan 12 0